Why Tea for Tots?

Maybe tea isn't the first thing you'd think to give your child. If you've read Our Story, you'll know it wasn't my idea initially either.

However, there are many benefits to Tot Tea, for you and your children. Tea for toddlers and infants can help with soothing upset tummies, calming excited kids when some quiet time is required and relaxing tots before bedtime. 

One of the main reasons we developed Tot Tea was to help with constipation and digestive troubles in a natural, healthy way. When your child is uncomfortable, upset or in pain, you would do anything to help them. This is a holistic way to give them comfort, while establishing a family ritual. You could try our Soothing - organic chamomile peach tea. 

Another time we use Tot Tea is in the afternoons to create a little quiet time. As toddlers get older, more curious, etc. we've found that they may not take as long of a nap, or any nap for that matter. In talking with child psychologists and just doing our own research, we've found it important for their development to have some quiet time at the very least. Honestly, it helps with our sanity as well. So in the afternoons we have a family ritual where we make Tot Tea, usually Calming - our organic chamomile tea, and have quiet time with a book or some art. 

Finally, as the day winds down you hope that your toddler is too. Nothing like an hour of quiet with the hubby before you both crash for the night. Sometimes though, those toddlers don't believe the day should end... on those days we try to have some Bedtime Ritual - our organic chamomile and lavender tea.There is no caffeine in our herbal teas. All chamomile tea are certified organic and sourced from Egypt that we blend with organic peach or lavender. They're just as good for you as your tot and we really encourage establishing those rituals with your kids. They just grow up too fast! Always make sure to check the temperature before letting them sip Tot Tea, we recommend your tea to cool to a comfortable luke-warm temperature before your child consumes their perfect cup of Tot Tea.