Our Story

Hello. My name is Kaitlin Petch, and I'm the founder of Tot Tea.

Tot Tea is a company I started out of a need for my first born, and has become a pretty big passion project and growing business. Here are the highlights of Tot Tea's birth. In June of 2017, my husband, Mark, and I welcomed our son, Scott, to the world. He was a happy, healthy baby with strong lungs and a will to live life to the fullest. From day one we knew he was going to be a handful, in the best possible way. Fast forward to 2019 and what's changed is that he's much bigger, has an amazing personality and is a caring big brother to Samuel, our second son. Sam has a much calmer demeanour, most of the time. On top of that, he's on track to be much bigger than Scotty. Pray for us and our grocery bill. In all seriousness, things are good. We live a happy and healthy life in the suburbs of Burlington, Ontario, albeit very busy. 

Things aren't always so rosy, as any parent knows. When Scott first started solids, around 4 months of age and even now, he suffers from chronic constipation. He's also very energetic and the combination means he's going 100% all the time, unless something's wrong. And while we count our blessings for his overall health, seeing him in pain as an infant from not being able to poop was heart wrenching. Today, he can communicate how he feels which is a great, but doesn't alleviate his tummy.

Once Scott began daycare we were battling sickness and viruses, all the usual illnesses to expect when exposed to daycare. After two weeks of what felt like illness after illness, prescription antibiotics, puffers for respiratory infections and OTC medications we were dealing with the worst constipation and Scott was in extreme pain. "It'll pass" "He'll go when he's ready" "He can't hold it forever" all the advice and opinions were given to us but we were looking for a healthy remedy for at least some relief. After sleepless nights with him screaming, countless tummy massages, trips to the doctor, we were tired, sad and feeling desperate to help him. After being up for hours on end with a fussy 18 month old, I made myself a cup of tea and with baby on the hip I dipped my finger in my cup and gave him some to try - he stopped fussing. Next, I was able to give him a couple of sips, which he found to be so fun at 1am, and shortly after I was able to comfort him back to sleep and first thing in the morning he had a bowel movement.

Like lightning, I could see Tot Tea. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Not only could Tot Tea help soothe Scott's stomach, but it could be a great alternative to sugary juices and increase his water intake, which feels like a battle some days and is crucial for constipated children. It also became a ritual for Scott and I in the afternoons.

Nowadays, my eldest son no longer naps but it's important for his development that he still, at a minimum, has some quiet time. So in those moments, we make a cup of tea together, sit quietly and drink it while reading a book. It's now 2020 and we're ready to help other parents on their journey. We have sourced the highest quality, organic chamomile tea which is the primary ingredient in all our blends. This is a healthy, natural and holistic remedy that can help a lot of children to feel calm, soothed and help improve quality of sleep. I also noticed that there wasn't a tea brand that I was proud to display on my counter, and in a time where a beautiful home is so important to all of us, the design of the product and packaging was important to me. 

I hope you enjoy Tot Tea and create a special tea ritual with your tot!