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Creating Family Rituals With Tea.

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Tot Tea believes passionately in the power of herbalism, holistic remedies and the natural abundance that is given from the earth. Tot Tea is a wellness brand where family rituals help to develop happy, healthy lives. Organic teas are safe for children and can offer relief from pain and provide comfort during major physical and emotional developments. Our products are safe, simple solutions with great taste.

Calming Ritual - Organic Chamomile
  • $13.00

Bedtime Ritual - Organic Chamomile and Lavender
  • $13.00

Soothing Ritual - Organic Chamomile and Peach (Limited Quantity)
  • $13.00

Tot Tea Ritual - Trio Pack
  • $33.00

Coming soon

Calming Ritual Tin - Pre-order Only
  • $22.00

Coming soon

Bedtime Ritual Tin - Pre-order Only
  • $22.00

Why Tea for Tots?

Tea is a natural, tasty alternative to sugary juices, and it also happens to be an herbal remedy to some of your tot’s unpleasant growing pains. Find out more about the benefits of Tot Tea, for you and your children.

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Holistic Comfort

Creating family rituals with tea

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What Our Customers are Saying

Tot Teas have a simple and pure flavour to them - perfect for a young child. All-natural is important to my family and our well-being. My kids love drizzling a teaspoon of honey into their teacups.

Lisa, yoga instructor & mom

I never thought to give tea to my 3-year-old. A way to increase her water intake and try an alternative beverage is why Tot Tea makes a great option for our family.

Marcy, bakeshop owner & mom

The ingredients are simple but it made me begin reading the ingredient label in my pantry on all my other boxed teas. No artificial flavors, coloring or sweeteners added to Tot Tea blends. This makes a perfect addition in our kitchen.

Angela, mom of two daughters

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