Chamomile tea is a mild herbal tea, safe for children to consume. Its pure and simple, sometimes our children need simplification for their very busy and growing bodies, chamomile flowers are full of wellness properties that have been celebrated for centuries. A classic herbal tea, perfect for unwinding and slowing the pace. Caffeine-free and known for its soothing properties, our high-quality organic Chamomile tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory, helps to improve sleep, great for an upset stomach, and may ease fussiness. Chamomile tea is an alternative healthy beverage option and supports water intake.

Rituals slow us down and connect us to this moment; here and now. Tot Tea believes that families can take a moment in their hectic lives to connect and bond. Drinking tea in time of healing, support, relief or for enjoyment can be done in routine and be part of a healthy self-ritual with loved ones. Rituals ground us in the present moment and can become a beautiful part of family tradition.

Calming Ritual contains 100% certified organic Chamomile Tea.

Soothing Ritual contains 100% certified organic Chamomile Tea and dried organic peach fruit.

Bedtime Ritual contains 100% certified organic Chamomile Tea and organic French dried lavender flowers.

Oh heck no, our teas have zero artificial ingredients in them. No flavoring, no additives, no essences, no sweeteners.

Tot Tea sells Egyptian Chamomile Tea. We buy only from the top 10% of global producers, known for sustainable practices and ethics. Our loose leaf tea is sourced from Egypt and are handcrafted blended and packed in Canada.

Our Tot Tea collection are caffeine-free. Herbal teas contain zero caffeine and make for a great beverage choice for children.

Tot Tea should be consumed within 6-12 months of opening. Keep in a cool, dark place and sealed.

Brewing Instructions for the perfect cup of Tot Tea:

Use two teaspoons of loose leaf teaBring water to a boil, 95℃/200℉ water

Steep for 3-5 minServe at a comfortably warm temperature for your child to safely enjoy.

Keep hot drinks out of child’s reach or grasp, wait until the beverage has come to a safe temperature before drinking.

Tot Tea, when brewed with hot water, should be tasted by an adult before your child consumes.

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